Travel Insurance in partnership with Mondial Assistance, the largest travel insurance company in the world, gives you the opportunity to purchase a travel insurance program for your upcoming trip! To get it you need to follow three simple steps! Enter in the appropriate fields of search engine, the country of departure and the destination country.

The insurance covers travel both in Europe and worldwide, the dates you wish to apply for coverage, the number of persons and the total cost of travel (flight and accommodation). Then select the type of insurance that covers your needs.

Types of insurance are three: 1. assurance program and care traveler, 2. Programme 100% compensation of the insured amount due to the cancellation of departure (due to medical reasons) 3. Programme cover for piste closure due to insufficient snow, and provides the possibility of combining them. The market is only by credit card, Visa or MasterCard. Upon completion of the market receive confirmation mail that works as evidence, including the contract and conditions of the program!

For further information about age restrictions or limitations on duration of insurance and general questions you can contact customer service Mondial travel insurance at +30 2111099873.