Affiliate Platform

Five reasons to become an affiliate:

  • - Attractive commissions for airtickets booked through your website
  • - It's Free! There are no subscription fees or fixed costs!
  • - It will definitely increase sales derived from your website
  • - We have developed innovative technology
  • - We provide expert support

A few words about the technological background

  • - The application has been developed inhouse, by our IT experts. As such, we can tailor it to fit your needs
  • - We guarantee the security of all transactions through the use of advanced technology
  • - You asked for flexibility and we provided it. All possible types of cooperation are (co-branded search engine, banners (static images or flash), text links)

Support to partners

  • - The person responsible for your company, a member of our staff is always available to help you with any issues that may arise
  • - Our call center, staffed with experienced salespeople, is yours!
  • - Your success is of great importance to us, so we provide all the necessary statistical data to help you achieve it

The impact on total sales and revenue

  • - You achieve very satisfactory shapes fees
  • - Vastly improves the percentage of customers who buy from your website
  • - You can start or intensify combined product sales
  • - Your customers will buy again and again from your website!


Basics of cooperation

How does the Affiliate Program work?

The affiliate program is based on paying our partners a fee for airtickets purchased through links placed their respective websites. Reservations completed from the website of an affiliate are recorded through links within the booking engine that is installed on the website.

What are the benefits of the Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program offers a number of benefits. You can earn excellent commission selling airline tickets at the most competitive market prices. Soon we will offer a range of additional travel products, including hotels, car rental, ferry tickets and travel insurance. We also offer possibilities of internationalization through multiple languages ​​(Greek, English, Russian, Romanian and Polish is now available and will soon add other languages ​​like German, Spanish, Italian etc.). Through the use of branded search engines (powered by we offer you access to the databases of all of our products. During our cooperation, a member of our team will assist you with any issues/ questions you may have.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

Absolutely nothing! There is no cost for signing up and no monthly cost.
Sign up Now at:!

Can I operate more than one website simultaneously?

Certainly. You can add the links of to as many websites you want. If you are interested in tracking the sales from each website separately, you can create more than account, by filling in the relevant information for each of your websites.

How do I track my sales? provides you with information on sales and visits, as soon as you enter your personal page in the affiliates platform at:

How do I register?

The registration process is simple - fill in the application at ( and you're ready. Once you submit your request, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox, which contains your username and password. You can then contact a member of our team who will gladly assist you (communication to

How can I withdraw from the Affiliate Program?

To withdraw from the affiliate program, you can simply remove the relevant HTML code from your website. It is not necessary to contact anyone from the team.

Installing and Customizing the Website

How do I install the search engine on my website?

Our search engine can be added to your website by using the relevant link. You can either copy or create links from the moment you enter the partner site at

How much work is needed on my part?

The application is very easy. Simply copy and paste the short line of HTML code onto your page. You can find this HTML code in the partner space at

Can help me implement the code?

Simply copy and paste the HTML code provided in the partner space at ( directly onto your page. Check and make sure that the content has not changed, and that it is an exact copy of the original code.

Monitoring Reservations

How does monitor and record reservations? uses the unique identification number assigned to each affiliate (created immediately upon registration) to monitor reservations. When your website is properly connected to the pages of (with the relevant HTML code), the unique affiliate ID number that you have been assigned will relate to each booking made from your website as well as all bookings arising from clients coming to after visiting your site.

How does a reservation turn into commission?

From the moment a visitor of your website, completes a reservation through the booking engine, the reservation is considered complete (as long as the visitor has not modified or cancelled it). Once the reservation is complete, your commission is added to your profile and paid out. If the reservation is modified or cancelled, we compute the new reduced or increased commission and pay you the relevant amount.

How can I track my reservations and my account? offers all partners access to booking information around the clock, seven days a week as soon as they login to the affiliate platform at a few clicks, our partners can immediately find detailed information about their sales, the complete, confirmed or canceled reservations and learn about the amount of their monthly fee.


How often are commissions paid out?

Usually commissions are paid out on a monthly basis, depending on the total amount. The minimum required commission amount is 150 Euros for the month.

I manage more than one website. Can I monitor them separately and get paid for all pages simultaneously?

Yes! You can make a separate entry for each site to have a different affiliate identification number for each.